With Reiki

We may receive Reiki in a friendly Reiki swap, as a formal treatment or in a group. There is versatility, ease and incredible simplicity in the transfer of energy using Reiki. And remember, when we give Reiki, we are also receiving Reiki!

People receive Reiki for many reasons, some never give a reason and that is OK too. For insurance purposes, Reiki Practitioners will request an intake form but the only information we really need is how to keep you comfortable and at ease.
The mind and body of cancer patients have so many different forms of trauma to process, presenting with each stage of the journey. Regular Reiki treatments support the physical and emotional states of being and with a gentle flow of healing energy, helps to restore balance and often reports of reduced pain, symptom and lift in mood – which also assists healing.
We are no stranger to stress, our general conversations involve time commitments, deadlines and constant apologies. When life becomes so full that we forget how to breath properly, we begin each day with less and less energy. By receiving Reiki, even for 10 minutes at the start of the day, gives some of that time back so we can listen to our body and heart.
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