With Others

Sharing our thoughts, opinions and experiences with each other offers diversity in our interpretations of the energy. We all have similar experiences and are able to generalise a description of them, but each is inexplicably different, when we discuss these differences in detail, in a supportive environment, we can be absolutely honest with ourselves. Expressing our truths in this setting, offers the opportunity to recognise the qualities we wish to continue through our everyday lives.

Our endless channels of communication makes it easy to discuss different topics at length. If there are any channels missing from the links below, please let us know at info@sharesomereiki.com so we can share some more Reiki!

The Reiki Directory offers a list of people and locations where established Reiki groups welcome newcomers.

The Facebook page provides diversity and global interaction, supporting techniques we are familiar with and introducing new experiences.

Members of this private Facebook group send Reiki daily to the people who have been listed. You can request to join the group if you are initiated into Level 2 and routinely send Reiki.

You can request healing for yourself or a loved one by completing the form to include the person’s full name and current location. E.g Amy Brandon, Katy, TX.

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