Modern Reiki

When Takata travelled to the mainland to teach Reiki, the U.S.A was fast approaching the New Age. This was the perfect environment to share Reiki and as you would expect, it became very popular very quickly. She charged a high price to become a Reiki Master and therefore maintained a level of control over Reiki teachings.

When Takata passed in 1980, there were no successors appointed and this paved the way for a rapid growth.

The combination of Takata’s passing, the New Age era and an accessible World, paved the way for healing modalities to unite and new forms of Reiki were taught.

There are many forms of Reiki being practiced today, some Reiki Associations and Organisations are open to any form and other are quite specific. They all have different teachings and methods of treatment but they are all Reiki. There is a common element in all of them and you may need to try a few treatments before deciding which form of Reiki suits you.

As World travel increased, many different belief systems combined and new forms of Reiki emerged. In some ways, this made Reiki even more accessible, reaching a greater audience. In others way, it introduced uncertainty, limited understanding of a practice because of it’s youth and inexperience and a lack of support in the practice of Reiki. This is is why Choosing Your Teacher is ever so important.

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