Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui was well educated and held a number of respectable roles. Searching for his life purpose, he climbed Mt Kurama with only a bottle of water to seek the answer he was looking for. On the 21st day he was struck with the ‘Great White Light’ and received his answer. He returned from the mountain and began sharing his healing abilities, teaching, opened a clinic and started a Reiki Society.

Chujiro Hayashi was a high ranking Navel Officer when he seeked Reiki as emergency first aid for when his supplies depleted. With his medical knowledge, Usui encouraged Hayashi to document his findings and develop hand positions for students who were less sensitive to the energy. After Usui’s passing, he opened his own clinic and created a systematic method of learning.

Hawayo Takata was an American born Japanese lady on the Island of Kauai, who experienced many hardships. These took their toll on her health and when family issues took her to Japan, she found an ‘alternative way’ in Reiki. So impressed with her healing at Hayashi’s clinic, she convinced Hayashi to train her. When she returned home, she opened the first US Reiki clinic.

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